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    Saving You Time and Money in Planning Your Next Vacation!
    business trips

    Drop Everything
    and Get Away!

    Tickets N Travel can take you away, find you a bargain, or just show you new ideas for a great vacation!
    Tickets N Travel can help you plan, can help you remember, and give you all the information you need to know in today's travel world.
    Tickets N Travel has personally set up relationships with top travel companies to save you money. We can show you how to get discounts on airline tickets, hotels, and Economy Car Rental.
    We are ready to show where to go, how to get there, and what to do when you get there. From the town in the next city for a get away, to foreign travel spots for that exotic vacation.

    inexpensive airline tickets
    Travel by Air
    Bargin airline tickets with great convenience.

    Traveling by air is still one of the most popular ways of travel. The airplane has opened up the world for all of us to see. Even with all of the security procedures of today, traveling by airplane is the most convenient way to travel around the world. Most of us do not want to spend our vacations traveling to our destination. Tickets N Travel understands this and wants to help you find discounts and specials when booking your next airline ticket. We also want to help you know and understand airport security and what to expect when traveling by air. We can show you how to use Frequent Flyer Miles to upgrade your travel. Learn how to buy and sell Frequent Flyer Miles. We know that getting a discount and being informed makes you a happier passenger.
    train travel

    Travel by Rail
    See the beautiful countryside and get great economy and travel by Train.

    For those of us with a little more time on our hands, traveling by train can be very rewarding. Relax and see the countryside. In some countries train travel is the mode of choice, like in China, Europe, or other Foreign countries. See some of mans greatest accomplishments, the rail system through the Rocky mountains of America to the Channel Tunnel, linking France to Britain, built 150 feet under water. Tickets N Travel can help you find what you are looking for in travel.
    cruises vacations
    Travel by Ship
    Cruises, you get it all, food, entertainment and a great time.

    Cruising has fast become the most popular way of vacationing for everyone. You get pampered 24 hours a day, taken to exotic ports of call, eat five star cuisine, and get Broadway entertainment, all of this without leaving the ship. People are finding that taking a cruise can be very relaxing and you can do more in one day than you can do in week. Dancing, see a comedy act, gamble, shop, eat exotic food, sunbath, play games, watch movies, see a Broadway show, eat more food, and much more. Cruise lines are building bigger, more luxurious ships to help keep up with the demand. Tickets N Travel can help you find how to get the best deals and show you the best cruise to suit your needs. From family vacations, to the theme cruises for singles, or the last minute travel planning, offering large discounts, Tickets N Travel does it all.
    best deals in travel

    How do we do it?

    Tickets N Travel has personally set up relationships with top travel companies to save you money. Companies that can offer you cheap airline tickets, specials on train travel, cruise travel discounts, economy car rental, and discounts on hotels. We have companies that can show you how last minute travel planning can save you money. We have companies that will help you set up travel packages to foreign countries. Travel packages for London, Paris, Mexico, or Hawaii. Upgrade your travel by buying unused frequent flyer miles, or if you have unused frequent flyer miles, sell them for a profit. Companies that can set up your next family vacation. How about a Disney Vacation, or a family cruise? Do you like to gamble? We have companies that can help you set up a Las Vegas vacation or find you discounts on Atlantic City hotels. Tickets N Travel wants to give you everything you will need to find the right travel plans, at a discount.

    beach vacations

    We Do It All!

    You can now relax knowing that Tickets N Travel is on the job. From the planning to the packing. We will help you by giving you pack tips, help you understand airport security, where to get Visas and Passports, getting you road maps, giving you a vacation checklist to help you remember everything before you go. Everything you need is right here!

    Tickets N Travel wants to make planning your vacation as easy as 1 2 3. We understand the complexities of planning a trip, vacation, or get away. In this busy world, you do not have time to be searching for discounts and specials. Ticket-N-Travel has it all. We want to make it easy so that you don't need a vacation from planning your vacation.

    jamaica vacations

    Hedonism II Jamaica!

    Sleep in. Stay up late. Give up counting calories. Have a drink before noon. Give up mineral water. Dine in shorts. Talk to strangers. Don't make your bed. Go skinny dipping. Don't call your mother. Let your hair down. Don't pay for anything. Don't leave a tip. Be your beautiful self in spectacular Negril, Jamaica.

    Hedonism is a sandbox for your inner child, nourishment for the mind, body, spirit and soul. Pleasure comes in many forms. Choose one. Or two. Or more. And with absolutely everything included in one upfront price you never have to think about money. Not even tips. Just what to do next. And when.

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