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    Passports and Visas
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    airport security

    Passports and Visas are documents which identify citizens, which serve as written authorization from government authorities for citizens to travel abroad and which, in effect, request foreign powers to allow bearers to enter and pass freely and safely in their country.

    A passport is required to gain entry to many countries. Also, a document indicating proof of citizenship is always required to re-enter the United States. In some instances, Mexico, Canada, and some cruises, a valid driver's license and a birth certificate will suffice as proof of citizenship. Because of todays heightened security, the United States State Department "recommends" having a passport as evidence of citizenship in ALL cases.

    There are differences between passports and visas. A passport is an official government document that certifies one's identity and citizenship, and normally last 10 years. The passport serves two purposes: it is a requirement by many countries to gain entry to the country you are visiting, is a requirement to regain entry to the country of citizenship (i.e. the United States).

    Passports and Visas

    A visa is an official government document that temporarily authorizes you to be in the country you are visiting. A visa is a stamp or endorsement placed by officials of a foreign country on a passport that allows you to visit that country. An application for a visa in Russia will be a separate document. Visas are obtained from the proper embassy or local the consulates of the country to be visited, and you will be asked for the reason of entry, normally business, tourist or transitory. There are over 270 countries that offer visas and thousands of different types of visas available based upon country, type of visit, and length of visit.

    There are two ways of obtaining your passport. You can go to US Passport Agency or have an independent company help you in obtaining your passport. The US passport agency normally takes a few weeks to process and research your application. An independent company can help you expedite the process and have your passport in less time. You should be careful that all of your information is correct and accurate, this will help speed up the process.

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